Douglas W. Moore


Welcome to Elite Home Design Studio, LLC!  My name is Douglas W. Moore and I wanted to share a little about myself as to how I came to opening this design company.  In the last few years of high school, my favorite class was art.  I have always loved drawing and creating new ideas.  I went to a vocational school and became interested in Drafting & Design.  I graduated in the top of the class (Drafting & Design) and after graduating high school, I went on to work for two major industrial construction companies working as a draftsman and traveling all over the country.  Roughly ten years later, I felt an urge to start my own Home Improvement Company. 

In November 1987, I created my own company and started doing vinyl siding, window replacements, and various other improvements with new and existing homes.  In the early 1990’s, I started designing, building decks, porches, and additions.  At this time the name of the company was D.W. Moore Home Improvements, INC.  I did all of my own design and drafting by hand.  I continued with this kind of work until 2006 when I shut down my home improvement company and worked for other contractors and trades until 2014. 

In the beginning of 2015, I purchased Chief Architect which is a CAD software that I currently use for my design company.  As I began to learn more about this software, I had to quit working due to my parents becoming ill.  After spending 24 months taking care of my parents, I started to continue learning the Chief Architect software and began doing work for local building contractors.  In 2017, I started designing full time under Elite Home Design Studio, LLC.  Since then, I work for several home improvement/builder contractors and homeowners with their renovation and improvement projects. 

In closing, throughout my life I have had plenty of accomplishments and with thirty years of construction experience that is integrated into my design process, I am fairly certain I can help with your renovation/remodel needs.  Thank you and I look forward to working with you.